mandag 29. november 2010

Tor og venner har seilt SKJØGEN i helga. Bilder fra turen og klipp fra hjemmsida til tor

I was lucky to have three of my friends coming up north this week end, to help me with the build.  That was the official excuse, anyway.  And since we all share a common interest in boats and sailing, it was no surprise that we all enjoyed the week end. The weather was nice on Saturday, with clear sky, a light northeasterly but a bit chilly with -15ºC. Anyway, Oyvind kept telling he wanted to go sailing, so that was what we did.  The only boat available at the time was the Minitonner.  A bit of snow and very slippery on deck, and a few very stiff ropes, but it was indeed an enjoyable small expedition.  N 63º 44' sailing in winter pictures below, coutesy of Erik, I hope

 Winter sailing clothing
 Preparing the boat
 Heading out
 Lots of very stiff ropes to sort out
 The sun never gets real high this time of year. This is around 1pm. The (relatively) hot water makes a nice smoke effect.
 Enjoying the day in the sun
 A few cold noses, and lots of cold feet after a while though
 Back at the dock.  We never even tried to get the old Suzuki running

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